Atlanta, Ga


David - Vocals
Casey - Guitar
Tab - Bass
Ryan - Drums


Pantera, Nine Inch Nails, Deftones, Incubus, Breaking Benjamin, Rage Againist the Machine

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(as stated on their myspace page)"Powerful" can often be too pedestrian a term to aptly describe a rock band. You can consult your Thesaurus to find some other appropriate adjectives. Or you can just reference Aclarion, the rock quartet from Atlanta, as the very definition of powerful. Yet there is something more, something melodic but still intense that twists around the growling guitars and thunderous rhythms. Powerful indeed they are, and here is a glimpse of the inner workings that create the band Aclarion... Guitarist Casey Prezioso and drummer Ryan Landry relocated to Atlanta from Ohio and Louisiana respectively, where they connected with two local musicians - vocalist David Garcia and bassist Tab Brown. From different backgrounds and diverse band histories, the foursome found a chemistry and first set out to take their music to the public through live shows. After winning over sold-out venues in markets as diverse as Atlanta, Georgia; Panama City Beach, Florida; and Anchorage, Alaska, the next step for Aclarion was to continue their evolution by recording their debut CD at Sonica Recording. Once producer John Briglevich (Edwin McCain, DoubleDrive) and mix engineer Shawn Grove (Sevendust, Collective Soul) were brought into the fold, Aclarion created and completed Resistance, their compelling debut CD release. Featuring influences from Pantera, Nine Inch Nails, Deftones, and Incubus, Resistance allows the band members' musical personalities and talent to shine through. The stylish songwriting balances the familiar with the unique, the mellow with the pretentious. While they stretch the boundaries with edgy songs like "Get Inside" and "Walk Away," Aclarion's fresh and vital approach to penning the radio-friendly songs "Sanity" and "Corners" proves their longtime devotion to their craft has paid off. While Resistance is poised to make an impact on the music scene, Aclarion continues to do what all successful bands are driven to do: tour. Along with their musical brilliance, touring has gained Aclarion thousands of fans nationally. When it comes to growing their fan base, Aclarion believes they should "always try to present ourselves in a confident professional way on stage. Off stage, we believe in being real and appreciative of everyone." Aclarion's impetus is the value of their fans and it has taken them from their home base in the Southeastern USA to Alaska during the band's infant years. With a burgeoning tour schedule in the Southeast; previous opening slots for Saving Abel and Stereoside; and also charitable concerts including a Toys for Tots benefit, Aclarion's powerful stature continues to position them for success among fans and the music industry alike.

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