Eric Lee Beddingfield and the Freak Show




Nashville, TN


Eric Lee Beddingfield - vocals, guitar
Corey Smith - vocals, guitar
Tony Mason - drums
John Gioello - bass
Jake Hallman - vocals, keyboard

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Eric Lee Beddingfield

Eric Lee Beddingfield's fans call him the "powerhouse of the South." The noted southern rocker was born in Augusta, Georgia and credits his passion for music to time spent growing up in an atmosphere soaked in classic country and southern rock. <br/> <br/>Eric Lee Beddingfield developed his first fan base while attending college at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, Georgia. It was there that ELB started drawing large crowds at local clubs after suffering from a injury that ended his college football career. After graduation he moved to Nashville to pursue national recognition. <br/> <br/>In 2005 Eric Lee Beddingfield signed his first recording contract with Double Diamond Entertainment, a South Florida-based label which allowed ELB complete artistic freedom. <br/> <br/>Collaboratin g with seasoned Nashville producer Kent Wells, Eric Lee Beddingfield produced a 13-track collection in which he sings a duet with guest artist Dolly Parton, accompanied by legendary guitarist Rickey Medlocke of Lynyrd Skynyrd. <br/> <br/>Eric Lee Beddingfield started the production and recording sessions for his self-titled album over 18 months ago. Beddingfield and Nashville's talented monster producer Kent Wells, dedicated the sessions to turning out a classic country/southern rock album not seen in a entire generation. The recordings generated so much buzz in Nashville that country and southern rock icons Dolly Parton and Lynyrd Skynyrd's Rickey Medlocke contributed their names and talents to the project. Beddingfield's debut single, "Kill the Mullet," hit radio stations nationwide in March 2007, making it Beddingfield's first top 40 single on the Music Row chart, peaking out at number 38. The followup single, "Small Town America," received rave reviews from radio, taking it all the way to number 22 on the Music Row chart and making Beddingfield the most spun debut independent artist of 2007 and runner-up to Small Label Breakout Artist of the Year. Besides making a lot of new friends at country radio and new fans across the country in 2007, ELB was named one of the top 10 artists to watch for in 2008 by New Music Weekly. For more information on Eric Lee Beddingfield visit or eld

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